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Oh, so many years ago when I was an micro-popular blogger, my best friends introduced me to blogger who had left us prematurely.  Her name was Sherry.  Seeming fairly wonderful, there was a “Cook a Sherry Special” I missed because of familial obligations.  I gave my marker and a few days later, made good on that marker – with a kids alphabet soup!  Enjoy a blast from my past – I did and I will, too.


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Dare I say it’s the first salad that left me bloated and sick?  My motto is when you eat at my house if you don’t leave bloated and sick – I didn’t feed you enough.  This salad fed me enough…..

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OK, so I tried some BLT recipes,  I was thinking about a BLT stuffed tomato – I mean, how could that be bad?  Well, it wasn’t, that’s for sure, but maybe it needed a bit more umph than I added.  I cut off the top of five tomatoes and scooped out the guts.  I then squeezed the guts to get as much juice as possible and then strained the mix to just have the juice.  The last time I added this to the stuffed tomato mixture, it made it too wet and the stuffing was like cement.  So, I reduced it down over medium heat until it was just half of what I started with.  I had some day old rosemary bread I made into bread crumbs, mixed them with the tomato juice and a bit of olive oil.  Oh, I had also cooked up 1/3 pound of bacon and chopped it into small pieces – that was added also.  I then stuffed the tomatoes with the bacon/bread mixture.

I also made polenta – Corn meal cooked in water for hours.  So good…..I added Parmesan cheese and salt at the end and it was just corny yummyness.  Of course, my family hated it – their loss.  Add some roasted chicken legs and this is what it all looked like


Yeah, it was great.  I made a sauce of caramelized onions, sweet vinegar and reduced chicken stock.

Tomorrow – BLT salad with a bacon mayo dressing!

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Preserved Lemons – iliketocook

Preserved Lemons – iliketocook In one of my past lives, I was a food blogger…and a pretty good one, for a while.  Before that, I was a political blogger and a pretty good one at that, too – but that was like two or three lives ago.  In my past foodie life, I was just a piker until I found a fantastic lady from Canada who inspired me and along the way I harassed her into recognizing me as a human being/blogger.  That got her friends to see me and then, for a short while, I was a real food blogger.  I let life get in the way and dropped out.  She, on the other hand, let life get in the way but had the tenaciousness to hang on and she is still a darling in the bloggy world I once inhabited.  And the blogosphere is better off for it.  This is one of her first blog posts that mentions the pest from New Hampshire….

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OK, thinking BLT stuffed tomatoes. The filling has to be loose when cooked and this is what I’m thinking:

• Bread crumbs
• Cooked Bacon
• Cheese (dare I say optional?)
• Mayo or Olive oil (Mayo gets a bit gross when warm)
Served on a bed of lettuce (maybe with mayo on the lettuce?)

What do you think?

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Two Fat Ladies

So sad this week when I heard of Clarissa’s death.  When I first found the Food Network in 1999, one of the shows that inspired me was Two Fat Ladies.  Really, how could you hate a show like that?  I guess if you’re one of those unhappy joggers that we see on the road, maybe they wouldn’t like it – I mean, the girls are happy, overweight and cooking good food.  May God wrap his arms around Jennifer and Clarissa – and I hope he has a nice dinner, too.

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