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I need to take some serious time off from posting. It’s not that I need to, it’s that I’m doing it if I like it or not. For the past few weeks it’s gone like this: I get up early, take a shower, help wake up the kids, make their lunches, help them get dressed and take them to school. A few minutes to myself and then off to work. Come home, often pick up the kids and make dinner. Either pick up, help pick up or get the kids in their baths and off to bed. Then, do work from home. The weekends are busy shopping and more time with the kids. I don’t even read the food blogs anymore, it’s just the same over and over. Hopefully, things will slow down and maybe this summer I’ll be posting again. But until then, it will be sporadic at best.
I’m sorry.


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Well, I’m back.  I got my new laptop computer this week and I’ve been setting it up.  Also, I’ve been messing around with some food.  Today, I made a Dave Liebovitz/Dave Lieberman (I’ll explain later) Beef Short Rib recipe plus I’m making (for the first time) clarified butter.  

Look for these posts to appear this week, plus some other silly posts, too.

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