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Sharp Knives, Raw Meat and Fire


OK, I’m back.  Well, maybe not as back as I want to be or as Sir Mix-A-Lot would like, but I’m back.  As I “promised” before, politics has taken over my life again.  And, as all know, the wrong person won on Tuesday, but, none the less, I congratulate Barack Obama on his historic win.  I believe it was a mistake, but democracies often make mistakes.

Food?  What food?  I’ve been making stuff like Hamburger Stroganoff, Goulash, Chicken Cutlets, etc.  When it came time to make brownies for the Birthday Committee at work, I used an industrial box.  Nothing worth posting about.

So, what now?  Well, politics still tugs me back to Fox News every day.  But, there is something in the works for this weekend and I still have that Cheese Squash!


November 6, 2008 - Posted by | Random Blather

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  1. Not sure if wrong person won but the right woman was sent packing back to that little “state” up north 🙂 Glad to have you back on food again!

    Comment by breadchick | November 9, 2008 | Reply

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