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Sharp Knives, Raw Meat and Fire


Over and over again, I have waxed lyrically about grass fed beef.  In fact, I have gone on so long about it, a nice company in Montana contacted me about a grass-fed beef contest for me to host.  Yes, ME!  The fine folks at La Cense, an 88,000 acre horse and cattle ranch that raises grass-fed, grass-finished beef and has a fine online community promoting the same, want this poor soul to pick a worthy reader to receive some FREE guilt-free beef! 

Now, let me tell you the whole story, because I’m nothing but truthful.  These fine folks sent me a great selection of their beef to try.  To be truthful, my first impression was under whelming.  Sure, it as better than the beef I get at the supermarket, sure it was better for me to eat then the hormone/antibiotic marinated meat from industrial ranches and FOR SURE the cows weren’t tortured in a feedlot, but it wasn’t what I remembered.  It wasn’t as “beefy” as Chet and I was concerned.  In fact, I was considering turning down my friends at La Cense.

Then, I realized exactly how stupid I was.  I have spoken at length how the taste of grass-fed beef swings all over the spectrum and that’s what makes it so special.  I RELISHED the fact that the flavor profile wasn’t consistent.  YET, here I was looking for CONSISTENCY!  There’s no way in the world I should expect cows raised 2,000 miles away, eating grass nothing like the grass in New Hampshire and assuredly not the Scottish Highland breed that Chet was to taste JUST LIKE Chet!  Seriously, how could I be so stupid? 

So, back to the beef.  It’s quite tasty.  It’s quite moral.  It’s quite the right thing to do.  And here is your chance to get some for yourself just the way I like to get things – FOR FREE!  Leave a comment on this post (with an email address) about why you would like grass-fed beef or even how stupid I am (that’s what most of this post was about) and on October 23rd (my 16th Wedding Anniversary) I will use Elle’s Random Number generator to pick which lucky reader get’s free beef!  What will you get?  You will get 2 burger patties and a petit sirloin delivered straight to your door.  Now, for the bad news (for some of you) – U.S. addresses only.

To paraphrase one of the great figures of the past twenty years – Darth Vader:


PS:  Many of the comments express a desire to find grass-fed beef locally.  I should have mentioned the fine website Eat Wild.  A local-food clearinghouse, it hooks people up with local, grass-fed food in their area.  Often you need to buy a bit more than you need if you’re first trying it and that’s where sites like VoteLaCense come in handy, but when you’re ready for a side of beef (like my Chet), Eat Wild can help you out. – MPM


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