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Now, I’m not the biggest fan of McDonald’s, but I don’t have the visceral hatred so many lefties and greenies do, either.  In fact, I enjoy McDonald’s every once in a while and gosh darn it, the Filet-O-Fish is still one of my favorite sandwiches.

I try to recognize the good McDonald’s does in the world.  Yes, it does good every once in a while, you know!  (Especially when I have a Filet-O-Fish in my hands!).  Even in the “bad” things it does, sometimes good, or at least better, comes from it.  Those of you who have read The Omnivore’s Dilemma will remember the parts where people spoke of the Pre-McDonald’s era of slaughterhouses and how much better they are now.  And that piece of biologically created waste of a movie, Super Size Me, infuriates me.  It’s nothing more than a hit piece and Turlock deserved every medical issue he got from that!

Well, OK – I’m back now.  I think I’ve shown I have street creds when it comes to defending McDonald’s.  But if this story is true, then even I am a little disgusted with what happens to a McDonald’s hamburger after 12 years:


I tell, truthfully, the one on the left looks better to me AND THAT’S THE 12 YEAR OLD BURGER!  The one on the right was bought the day the picture was taken.

Thanks to Seriouseats for the hat tip.


October 1, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion, Random Blather

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  1. Holy crap.

    Comment by Sara | October 4, 2008 | Reply

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