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Politics has taken over my life – again.  As only some of you know, I was a political junkie FOR YEARS!  Ten years ago, I started my own website for the family, posting pictures and stuff of our newborn Katie for the family up north (we lived in North Carolina at that point) and I started posting a rant (there’s no other word for it) every week called Mike’s Musing.  We moved back to New England and I kept it up, just not as much.  Then, one morning, I impulsively started a blog over at blogger – the first Mel’s Diner.  I posted about politics, often times twice a day!

I gradually lost interest in politics and soon food took over my life and the next incarnation of Mel’s Diner appeared, this little blog (it started over at Clearblogs).  Well, starting early this year, that ole’ political bug came back and for six months nearly all my internet and television time is politics and my food blogging has suffered for it.  Well, on Friday, I decided to have a “politics-free” weekend. 

And it’s been good.

Unfortunately, I know I won’t be able to stay politics-free, not until after November 4th, at least.  Should the “wrong” ticket win, then it will remain even harder, but I will try.

Anywhoo, on my politics-free weekend, I made a great steak!  I had purchased a London Broil and knew I had marinate it.  So, I mixed together red wine (about 1 ½ cups), balsamic vinegar (about a 1/3rd of a cup), a tablespoon of pickling salt because it dissolves in cold liquids, ½ teaspoon of dried time and a pinch each of onion and garlic powder.  In went the steak (about 1 ½ pounds) for three hours.  Into a grill pan for a few minutes each and to rest for five minutes.

WOW!!  It was good!

You’ll notice the lack of pictures and measurements for everything – that’s because I was winging it and didn’t expect it to come out so good.  Oh, well.


September 21, 2008 - Posted by | Random Blather

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