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Where did the week go?  Work was absolutely nuts – I came home and wanted nothing to do with nothing!  Hence, no posts.  Cooking wasn’t too bad, but there was a whole lot of nothing special.  Last night?  BOXED Mac and Cheese. 

I’m so embarrassed.

Today, I went to the farmer’s market.  I picked up some stuff, but most importantly, I ordered my garlic.  I went to my garlic guy and ordered 60 heads – 30 for me, 15 for my friend Mary and 15 for a friend at work.  I ordered 50 last year, gave about 8 away and threw 5 or 6 away (this summer) because they were no good.

After the market I went to Wilson’s Farm (a farm stand) and picked up some basil and a LOT of tomatoes!  A whole bushel!  These are less then perfect and are put in a box for people like me who want to can tomatoes and don’t care what they look like.  I bought two ½ bushels ($9.99 each) and put them out to ripen.  Next weekend, I’ll can as many ripe ones as I can and buy more to ripen.  Come November, I’ll have fresh-tasting tomatoes, all because I covered my dining room table for a few weeks in September.  I also picked up some fresh basil for pesto next winter.

The tomatoes:

The basil:


August 23, 2008 - Posted by | Local

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