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I didn’t know Sherry Cermak.  I had never heard of her blog What Did You Eat?, I never tracked back to her whenever one of my friends mentioned her and I have never been to Davis, California.  To me, Sher was just one of those names you see off to the side of your friends blog and I’m worse off for it.

Sherry died last week of a sudden heart attack and it has thrown the little corner of the WWW I lurk about in into a tailspin.  Visiting her blog now (too late, I know), I can see why.  She was such an open and fun person, I can only imagine what a joy it was to know her.  Do a quick Google search and you will be blown away at her interests and accomplishments.  And c’mon, anyone who rescues squirrels HAS to be wonderful.

She also had a lot of fun recipes on her blog.  And in memory of her, Sara and Mary are hosting a “We Love Sherry” day, asking people to make one of her recipes, share memories, etc.

And I can do none of those today.  As I mentioned, I didn’t know of Sherry and I’m leaving for Maine in a few minutes, thereby assuring that I can’t even make one of her easy recipes.

But, as Sky Masterson said, I give you my marker.  As Nathan explained it, “A marker isn’t just a piece of paper that says, ‘I.O.U. [one recipe post] signed [Michael].’ It’s like a pledge that a guy can’t welch on it. It’s like not saluting the flag!”

So, look for my post of either her Tomato Alphabet Soup or Southern Baked Beans before August 3rd.

PS – Goodby, Sherry.  It has been said, “Light one candle and the world is not the same”, but, blow that candle out and the world is that much darker and colder, too.  God Bless You.


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