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Well, I’ve done it again, gone almost a week with no posts.  I have to tell you, I haven’t done anything exciting food-wise, either.  Even as the weekend rolled around and I had time, I did nothing.  I was going to attempt an onion soup, but I screwed up the beef stock so badly that it must not be mentioned here again.  And I cannot force myself to use the “stock in a box”, I mean they’re called “beef-flavored” stock and even the one’s at Whole Foods had, “Beef Stock (Water, Beef Powder)”.  Sorry, I’m a total snob about this.

So, I thought I’d comment on food stuff.  First off, who has seen the new Taco Bell Commercial for their bacon chalupa where one of the ladies at the bar has one in her purse to attract men?  Of course, three men come right over and start talking about her “intoxicating scent”.  Who doesn’t think that would work?  The bacon smell would get a bit old after a while and probably drive the man away in search of food, but as an initial attraction, I could see it working.  Perfume makers need to create a bacon scent that morphs into something else after a short period of time.  You heard it here first.

Serious Eats directed me to Randy at box vox talking about the Droste effect in packaging.  The Droste is a “study in infinity” with the package having a smaller picture of the package on it, therefore causing an infinite number of progressively smaller packages to appear.  The first example given is the Land O’Lakes butter package.  It immediately spoke to me because I remember as a small child being fascinated by that butter package and the ever smaller Indian women holding a butter box.  It fascinated me then and fascinates me now.


April 21, 2008 - Posted by | Random Blather


  1. Like I told my ex-wife . . . my taco bell recommendation is – Baja Gordita with beans (no meat)-it’s great! Regards, H.

    Comment by hodie | April 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. “I never drive faster than I can see…and besides, it’s all in the reflexes”. What a blast from the past!

    Comment by Mike | April 22, 2008 | Reply

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