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Obviously, I love technology.  Duh, I have a website and a blog (my second).  But, I also recognize the negative side of technology.  Roughly, three years ago I was in Florida for some training with my boss and I was waiting at the hotel restaurant for him when I saw this guy wandering around, talking on his Bluetooth phone.  I had a revelation, of sorts…and when my boss came down – I revealed to him, too.  I said, “You know what?  People are too connected.  They are too “in touch”. ”  I went on to surmise that we are all so “involved”, that none of us have a chance to just – think.  So much of our day involves email, texting, on the “celly” – just always connected. 

And that’s just bad. 

I know, the ability to call for assistance at any moment is great.  But, we don’t use it for that. We use it because we’re in the car and we are bored (i.e., my wife).  We are just too connected.  I’m writing this, in my comfy chair, on a wireless laptop.  Easy is the name of the game.  Again, this is bad.

So, where’s the food connection, Mike?  I’ll tell you – it’s with one of my favorite foodies in the world.  A man named Mark Bittman.  Bittman writes for the New York Times and has my favorite food show on PBS, The Best Recipes in the World.  He’s been taking a “secular Sabbath”, a day without cell phones, email, computers, etc., a week.  I’m not sure it involves no TV, but no 21st century stuff we take for granted.  Definitely no Bluetooth. 

And I love it.  I also have been feeling too “connected” lately and I was thinking about doing nothing and just reading a bit. 


March 15, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion

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