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When my back was turned and I wasn’t feeling well, I got memed!  My friend Deborah, who understands what it’s like to be cool like me, tagged me with a meme, Seven Things About Me.  Never one to turn down a challenge, (unless work is involved, then I’m not your man.  I’m not even your woman, child or slow cousin!), so, here goes:

  • I learned to love cooking from my family.  My mom and her parents, mostly.  Did I mention it was my family?  Well, not wholly.  I worked in a resort in purchasing and the Executive Chef, Tim Cardillo, taught me about all kinds of foods I never ran into at home.
  • I’m allergic to shellfish, as I was reminded of this week when I made Molly’s scallop chowder.
  • I’m a right-wing, Christian Conservative, war-supporting, Bush-is-too-liberal, “cut our hair, pull up your pants and get a job” Republican.
  • Alton is really all I like on the Food Network now.
  • The only nuts I really like are peanuts – although almonds and hazelnuts are pretty good, too.
  • I love The Cure – suicide rock will always have a soft spot in my heart.
  • I was chased into the deep reaches of Death/Black Metal (yeah, Venom, Slayer and Metallica when they didn’t suck) in the late ’80’s by people like Bobbie McFerrin and Foreigner.   
  • Bonus fact, you tell me if it’s embarrassing:  My wife is the only girl I have ever dated seriously.

So, who should get this next?

  • Though she’s too popular and too pretty not to have gotten this before, I tag Mary The Breadchick
  • I also tag my good friend Mary, who has promised to start her blog, so I’ll add the link this weekend  Update:  She’s online!  Check her out at Cooking For Five!
  • How about someone who has made it?  It won’t work, but maybe Adam the Amateur Gourmet.
  • Because fools rush in where fools have gone before, I tag Michael Ruhlman.

February 20, 2008 - Posted by | Random Blather

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  1. Ah Mike, you are so sweet, especially the “pretty” part. You sure know how to make a girl home with the flu in her ratty bathrobe and almost still pink bunny slippers feel 1000% better! Here is a link to the post I did when Sara tagged me for this same meme:

    OK, off to find tea! And read through a cookbook or two…

    Comment by breadchick | February 21, 2008 | Reply

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