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I’m one of those people you see in the grocery stores who bring in their own canvas bags.  I don’t do it to save the environment; I don’t want to say I could care less, but it’s not one of my priorities.  I do it because I’m lazy.

I do a lot of things I do because I’m lazy.  And I use canvas bags for the sheer amount of stuff they can hold, meaning less trips out to the car when I get home.

I shop at my local Hannaford’s most weeks. It’s a good store, locally oriented (somewhat) and I’m very happy to shop there – right up until it’s time to check out.  At that point, I must deal with the bagger.  I usually scan the baggers to see if I can recognize one who I remember is good.  I will wait in line to get a good bagger, because a bad bagger can ruin the whole canvas bag experience.  Case in point:

Today, I may have had the worst bagger ever.  She was a young girl and if the store wasn’t such a madhouse, I would have skipped the line.  You see, young kids are more likely to have just been taught the basics of plastic bagging (don’t mix anything, put no more than six or seven things in a bag, etc) and applying that mindset to canvas bags is like applying the basics of a microwave to a convection oven.  She asked me if I wanted them packed “heavy or light” and I said heavy.  It went downhill from there. At one point, I added more items from the belt to a bag she had just packed.  But, nothing compares to how much she put in this bag:

Bag 2

Bag 1

I understand the turnover rate at the checkout lines in a grocery store.  I understand everybody wants everything different from everyone else.  But, there’s got to be something grocery stores can do about training baggers.  The baggers at Whole Paycheck and Trader Joe’s know how to bag in canvas, surely the people at Hannaford’s can learn, too.


February 9, 2008 - Posted by | Random Blather

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