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Please excuse the title of this entry, I in no way compare myself, favorably or not, with the great WFB.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went down to Massachusetts on a little shipping trip and ended up at Whole Paycheck.  In general, the people who shop at Whole Foods are on the wealthier side of the tax code and probably more liberal.  And as we have also been told, ad nauseum, the Left are more caring, more tolerant and over all, just better people because they care so much.  What I found at the store was something very different.  It was a Saturday afternoon and the store in affluent Cambridge, MA was crowded.  And these people had no regard for the other shoppers.  They would move along the aisles, in the way and if some dully colored, fully recycled, Earth-friendly package caught their eye, they would just stop and block the aisle as they checked for whatever interested them at that moment.  We would wait interminably (but, patiently) until it either met with approval or not and then go on, easing our way around the roadblock, only to be met by another around the corner.  And never did we hear an, “Oh, sorry” or “Excuse me” from any of the shiny, happy (but, Earth conscious) people.

Tonight, I saw a commercial for a Bisquick pancake mix.  All you need to do is add watter to the handy bottle it comes in, shake and presto! – pancakes.  Oh, the humanity!  How far have we come from the reception of the first box cake mixes.  When they were first introduced, all you needed to do was add water and oil and presto! – instant cake.  And they flopped.  I mean flopped bad-like.  It seems the housewives at that time felt guilty about it being so far removed from homemade, they refused to buy them.  So, the manufacturers removed the eggs from the mix so the housewives (no husband was cooking in the kitchen at that point) felt they we actually making something.  Now, we are falling farther and farther away from that ethic, ironically led by the very same company that had to remove the powdered egg from the cake mixes – Betty Crocker.  Is it OK that we are?  I don’t think so.  I think it’s sad.


January 22, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion

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