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I know, a new look already.  I really liked the fork and I spent quite a long time searching it out and cropping it to where I liked it.  Unfortunately, the rest of the blog was just OK and I really like this template.

So, the New New Diner, I guess.


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Last weekend, the kids and I went off to the bookstore armed with some gift certificates and time to kill.  Little Chef had picked out his books in about three minutes and Princess hemmed and hawed, finally buying just one book.

After perusing the bargain section for foodie books, I wandered over to the food section and got to work.  I looked around and promptly gave up, asking a very helpful young man to direct me to Michael Pollan’s new book, “In Defense of Food”.

Armed with the only one I really wanted, I then picked up a book by my girlfriend, er..I mean, Nigella Lawson, “How To Eat”.  This isn’t just a cookbook, it’s full of her advice on eating, entertaining and thinking about food. 


Lastly, I bought something that as I look through it, I realize I should have bought a long time ago – “Jacques Pepin’s Complete Techniques”.


This is the companion book for his old PBS show that I watch in rerun each week and in it he teaches over 1,000 basic cooking techniques, like how to filet a fish, tie a roast, skim a stock, etc.  I love Jacques and I can’t say enough about his autobiography, “The Apprentice”.  If you EVER get a chance to read that, DO IT!!!

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